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We offer very comfortable consulting rooms at very competitive prices with warm reception and expert nursing care if you need one.

Space for every professional

If you’re a consultant, therapist, or healthcare practitioner looking for a comfortable, professional space to meet with clients, look no further. Renting a consulting room can provide you with the ideal environment to conduct your business.

Our consulting rooms are fully furnished, equipped with comfortable seating, and offer a quiet and confidential space for you to meet with your clients. They are designed to meet your needs and are suitable for a range of professional practices, including coaching, counseling, psychology, and physical therapy.

Our rental options are flexible, giving you the freedom to book for the duration you need, whether it’s for an hour, a day, or an ongoing arrangement. With competitive pricing, you’ll have access to a high-quality space at an affordable rate, without the need for a long-term lease or expensive overhead costs.

Our consulting rooms are conveniently located in a professional business center, providing easy access to transportation, parking, and other amenities. You can rest assured that your clients will feel comfortable and secure in the welcoming environment of our consulting rooms.

Whether you’re just starting your practice or looking for a more professional and comfortable space to conduct your business, renting a consulting room with us is the perfect solution. Contact us today to book a tour of our space and find out how we can support your professional practice.




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